About Safety First Training

Safety First CPR and Safety Training, LLC is a certified training center under the American Safety & Health Institute. It was founded in 2011 for the original purpose of teaching Community CPR and Basic First Aid courses, but we have since expanded the course curriculum to include Child & Babysitting SafetySwim Lessons, Women’s Safety & Self-Defense and more.

We set out to start a safety company in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida that would be like no other, one that would have something to offer all members of the family.  Indeed, we have succeeded by offering a variety of safety classes:

  • Summer Swim Lessons for children and adults
  • Babysitting Safety for tweens/teens
  • Community CPR
  • Basic First Aid for students and adults

In addition, many newborns and babies have benefited from the training of their parents or caregivers who knew what to do in a choking emergency.

Designed With The Students In Mind

From the beginning, we at Safety First designed our courses from the student prospective. We, too, have sat through training programs that took too much time, were uninteresting, were all lecture style, and that we didn’t even remember once we left the classroom. We wanted our courses to be different. In our classroom, we take a very hands-on approach. We spend more time doing hands-on practice and role playing emergency scenarios than we do watching videos or being tied to the book. We recognize that the longer students sit in one position during class, the less they remember. We have developed a classroom style that teaches all the necessary components of the course. However, we do it actively and in the most efficient amount of time. Additionally, we are flexible and able to cater private courses to suit the specific needs of the groups who’ve hired us. Yes, we do have set courses that are open to the public. But if you hire us to do a private course with your group or organization, we can personalize it.

For instance, if you only need Adult CPR (and not Pediatric, as well), then that’s what we’ll cover and we’ll appropriately charge you less. We will also use examples in class and run role-playing scenarios that are appropriate to your organization. When training a group of teachers, we will focus our examples on situations that might occur with students at school. Or, when working with a dental office, our example situations would reflect emergencies that might happen there.

Safety First continues with the mission of being the best in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and  Northeast Florida. As always, our motto is “We keep your Safety First!”

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